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   Majority of those on the streets have not chosen to be there. In 1984 Melinda was forced to the streets when her mother made a report that she was abusing her children, leaving Melinda with nothing.  This series of photographs explore Melinda’s struggles associated with homelessness, poverty and abuse. We often see a home as just as home, but a home is more than just a roof over our head. A home provides stability, security, and a foundation upon which people can build their future.


    Melinda is not the only one who has dealt with these conditions, there are many more just like her. There are 610,042 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the United States. These photographs depict American poverty and create an intimate connection between Melinda and the viewer. This series gives the viewer a look into what often goes unnoticed. Melinda’s story has given me a different perspective on society’s view of homelessness and what we value. 



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